Sunday 29 July 2012

The start of something new...

What has been the biggest technological advance of your lifetime?
I bet I can guess... Computers.. and in particular, the PC.

Introducing the biggest advance in window cleaning to date, the Wagtail PC (pivot control).

To recap, I would like to round off a few of the benefits that Wagtail users have experienced through the introduction of the pivoting squeegee.
  • Faster than any other squeegee on the market
  • Further reach then ever before 
  • Excellent accuracy on extension poles 
  • Uses less arm strain thus decreasing the risk of RSI
 The new wagtail PC places the control disc above the squeegee, allowing for the force vectors of the squeegee to be placed at their most optimal position. It has adjustable pivot ranges to clean at your desired angle. The nylon collet reducing the pivot bearing resistance and the controlled pivot can prevent any wayward pivoting at extreme heights. These are just a few of the benefits you will experience with the PC.

Pre orders are available for the Wagtail squeegee network members. Feedback is always welcome so let us know how you find the new product. And remember, its not clean until its Wagtail clean!

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